My 2017 Sewing Goals

I know this post should probably have been written around New Years, but I didn’t have a blog this last New Years. And I don’t want to wait until 2018 to write a sewing goals post, that’s so far in the future!

Actually it’s notΒ that far away, and knowing how fast time has been going by for me it will probably be here sooner than I expect it to be.

Well anyways…

My 2017 Sewing Goals

1.Try sewing with new fabrics

So far I’ve only sewn with cotton. I’d like to branch out and try velvet, knit, and that sheer fabric that’s really lightweight and slippery(umm…chiffon? viscose? rayon? I don’t know what it’s called!).

I really want to sew a black velvet pencil skirt with a sliver zipper going up the back. I think the Butterick B5466 pattern in view E might work well for that.

Butterick Misses’ Skirt and Belt Pattern B5466 Size BB0

Butterick Misses' Skirt and Belt Pattern B5466 Size BB0

2. Learn more about the different types of fabric

As evidenced above, I don’t really know that much about fabric. I think it’s important that I figure out what they all are named and feel like, and how to use them. I have alot to learn!

3. Sew some pants

I have made skirts and dresses, but I’ve steered clear of pants. I tried making some jeans for my little sisters’ Barbie and it was a complete disaster. Also I’m a tad bit afraid of all the fitting I’m going to need to do for my hips/butt/short legs. Recently though I learned how to do a full bust adjustment, which turned out to be much easier than I thought it would be. Perhaps I can tackle my bottom half now.

I really want to make a pair of bell bottoms. I have the perfect shoes and kimono to wear with some

4. Sew for my boys

I’ve sewn for myself mainly, with a few presents for others here and there. I want to sew some cute clothing for my little boys. And you know it’ll be matching because that’s just the cutest(at least in my opinion).

A couple of matching button up shirts in this dinosaur fabric would be so adorable ❀

Dear Stella Stellasaurus Mini Dino White Fabric
Dear Stella Stellasaurus Mini Dino White Fabric

5. Make my own bedding

I want to make bedding for the whole family! That’d be a queen set, toddler bed set, AND crib set. This goal may be too ambitious for my fabric budget :\

Let’s see, there are seven whole months left for this year. I think I can complete all of these goals, except for maybe the last one. Do you have any advice or resources that will help me in completing this list? Share them in the comments πŸ™‚

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