On-The-Go Planner

This weekend I’ll be off to the big(ish) city to do some grocery shopping, and I wanted to show you how I use my Recollections planner for on-the-go.



I use these printable grocery lists from Natalie Holm. They’re actually meant for the Happy Planner but once I cut them down a little they work perfectly for my Recollections planner.


I’m pretty sure that Recollections has a hole puncher for their planners, but i’m too cheap to buy it so this is how I do it:

*Protip this also works for the Happy planner



I use one of the monthly dividers to mark the top of the cirlcles onto my list. You know, so I’ll know where to punch.


Then I line the top of the hole puncher up with the lines that I drew and punch away.


Now I just insert the lists into my planner(and put the monthly divider back! Might need that later) and I’m ready to go! Well mostly, I still have to write down what I need. And print coupons.

Speaking of coupons! I keep any coupons I think I’ll need in this cute polka dot pouch.


Yes that is a Joann’s coupon and yes I am still on a No-Spend. I have that in there just in case! What if i conveniently win a Joann’s gift card while I’m grocery shopping and I had left my coupons at home? That’d be horrible!

My planner also has side pockets in the front and the back. Usually I clip appointment cards there or other important things; like fabric swatches. Just in case I need to buy supplies for a project.


Even though I really love the look of my Recollections planner I don’t use it for everyday purposes, it’s just too small for me. I need lots of room to write all my cleaning down :/ I have been using it to keep track of things I need to do for the blog and post ideas, it works well for that.

I like the pages at the beginning and end of the month, I wish MAMBI would do that in the HP instead of the “currently” page.


So yeah that’s how I use my planner for on-the-go πŸ™‚ Do you have special planner for when you go out or am I just weird?


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