My First Dress-Adjustments Part 2

If you haven’t already, you should read the previous ‘My First Dress’ posts. Just so you know what’s going on! I won’t make you though.

Making My First Dress-Gertieโ€™s B6453 Sew Along

My First Dress-Adjustments Part 1

I found a little time to sew today ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I really didn’t think I’d get to have a good sewing session until the weekend, but the boys were content to play by themselves for a bit so I seized the opportunity to work on my dress.

I’ll be picking up where I left off from my last post, making a second muslin of the dress bodice. I want to make sure the fit will be the same on a cotton fabric as it is on the tracing fabric, and also figure out exactly how I’ll be making the straps.

Alright so first I made the muslin. I messed up the princess seams on the right side by not pinning the bodice pieces together the right way and I couldn’t be bothered to pick it apart and sew it again(yeah, I was feeling lazy) so I pretty much ignored that side. Meaning that I didnt stitch where the neckline would be and I didn’t make a strap for that side. But I still got a good idea of how it will fit.


The good side of the muslin

For the straps I just traced the original pattern piece and added onto it until it was wide enough to cover my bra straps. I’ll be doing stationary(is that what it’s called?) straps instead of adjustable. Mainly because I forgot to pick up the sliders. Oops.


Frankenstein Pattern Piece


Final Strap Pattern Piece

I was feeling pretty great since the muslin went so well and decided to start on the actual dress. Which was risky because by this point the boys were starting to get a little bored, but I thought I’d chance it.

I got my pretty hot air balloon fabric out and read through Gertie’s blog about cutting the pattern pieces. I was a little confused about the different way of folding the fabric(I didn’t know what ‘selvedge’ ย meant! Thanks Google) but I eventually figured it out.

I had a problem though! If I cut the skirt panels the way the pattern specified, the hot air balloons would be flying across my dress instead of up and down. That wouldn’t look right. If I folded my fabric the usual way the skirt pieces wouldn’t fit. By now the boys were getting whiny and it was hard to concentrate, but I pressed onward.

I decided to rotate the skirt pieces so that the hem was toward the cut edges of the fabric. I wish I had taken pictures of this stage but I was too frustrated to remember to do that.

You see, I also wanted to shorten the skirt so that it didn’t go down to my ankles(okay that’s a minor exaggeration, it was only a couple inches past my knees). My pattern pieces were wrinkly and I was having a hard time getting them to cooperate. I went to iron them and the iron cord was threatening to rip up the pattern paper, so I gave up on that idea.

Deep breaths. Alright, I had a better idea. I measured the width of the skirt pattern and how long I wanted it to be. Then I grabbed a fabric marker and used those measurements to draw two rectangles on my fabric. Phew, ok.

It was time to get the scissors out and cut.


Making that scary first cut!

I had successfully cut out my skirt pieces and was ready to move on to the bodice when Lion and Bear(that’s what I’ll be calling my boys on here, remember?) decided that they had had enough playtime and wanted to come see what I was up to. Lion is the oldest(5) and was content to sit on the couch and work on his own cutting skills(with kid scissors of course!) by cutting out some paper planets.

Bear(he’s 15 months) on the other hand was wandering around getting into whatever his grubby little paws could reach and making it very difficult for me to pin my bodice pieces to the fabric. I didn’t have much brain power left but I persevered, shooing Bear away and trying my hardest to concentrate on the task at hand.

I wanted to make sure the hot air balloon pattern would match up when all the bodice pieces were sewn together. The way I did it is really hard to explain, and I’m positive there is an easier way to do this; I pinned the front bodice piece on the fold, then I laid the side bodice piece right next to it, the way they will be when I sew them together. I made a mental note of which hot air balloons were on the seam allowance and placed the side bodice piece on the next row in the design on the matching balloons.

I know you probably didn’t understand a word of that! I so wish I had taken some pictures.

Despite my frustration and Bear’s attempts to walk all over the fabric, I got all my bodice AND facing pieces cut out. Victory! I thought about sewing up the bodice but Bear was desperate for some mommy hugs and it’s hard to turn him down, I mean look at that big adorable smile!


Bear hugs!

That’s all the sewing I’ll be doing today, but I think I got alot accomplished. I’m so excited to finish this dress and wear it! I’m hoping to get it done this weekend but I’d also like to sew Laura’s pinaforeย ย so I can have her try it on when I see her on Sunday. I think I can get them both done but I’m probably being a little too optimistic.

If you know of another way to match patterns, please share it with me!

Are you planning on sewing anything this weekend?




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