Laura’s Prairie Dress-Fitting the Pinafore

My Dad loves all things old. When my younger siblings and I were kids he would take us along as he explored the many ghost towns that the northwest has to offer. On the way there we would either listen to Radio Classics(a siriusXM channel devoted to playing old radio shows) or the eighties station. I believe it’s because of him that I have the same great love for old things and history, although my love takes a different avenue. He loves photographing old buildings and rusty abandoned cars, while I love creating clothing inspired by the past. One of the biggest reasons I got into sewing was so that I could create my own retro inspired clothing that fit me perfectly and didn’t cost an arm and a leg(so much for that reason! Sewing is NOT an inexpensive hobby).

My youngest sister also seems to have taken on a fascination with the past. I remember when she was really little(5?), she would watch reruns of Gunsmoke with my Dad. She used to say she was going to be Miss Kitty and marry Marshall Matt Dillon. My mom wasn’t too keen on the idea of her being a saloon owner but it was cute.

Lately she has been watching The Little House on the Prairie and is a big fan of Laura Ingalls. I asked her why she admired Laura and not Mary and she replied “Because Laura beats up the bullies!”. Since she likes Laura so much I decided that would be the perfect alias for her on my blog. She heartily approved the idea!

My Dad asked me a few weeks ago if I could make Laura up a dress fit for a prairie gal and of course I said yes. Not only will making this dress be good practice for me, I’ll also win the “Best Sister of the Year” title.

To my two other sisters: Top that!

Onto the dress now…

My Dad brought over the pattern and some lovely blue flower fabric for the dress. The cream fabric is for the pinafore. I’m also supposed to make a bonnet to match, I will have to see how much fabric I have leftover after I make the dress.


Looking over the pattern directions, it doesn’t seem to be very difficult. I’ll find out along the way I suppose.

I’ll be making the pinafore first as it seems pretty simple. I’m still working on my first Gertie dress so I don’t want to add anything else too complicated to my sewing time until that is finished.

We had a little tissue fitting this last Sunday. It’s a bit too long so I’ll be shortening it, but everything else looks to be fitting well.

I’m planning on cutting out the fabric and sewing it together this Saturday. I haven’t had time to do it this week because of my two very rambunctious boys but since my husband will be off work this weekend MAYBE I can get some sewing in. We’ll see!

Remember how I said my Dad likes to photograph old stuff? Well he also writes a blog about his pictures and the adventures that go along with them. Check it out sometime, it’s called theΒ Rustic Lens. I’m very proud of my Dad, he takes amazing pictures!

Do you like old stuff too?

Comment below with your favorite old tv show. Mine is I Love Lucy ❀

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