May 1-7 Spread+Behind the Scenes

Today is the start of a new week AND a new month. How exciting! I wonder what will happen this month? I’m hoping to get my Gertie b6453 dress finished, and complete my spring cleaning(so exciting right?). Then there’s Mother’s Day. I’ve still got to get my Mom a present! What should I make her?

I experimented a little with this week’s spread and thought it’d be fun to do a little behind the scenes. This weeks theme will be unicorns because….well, because unicorns are cool. And magical. I hope this month will be magical like the unicorns. Magical May…


Here are my weekly pages before I added all the pretty stuff. They’re a little boring! I don’t really like that green color, at least not for this weeks spread.



These are all the stickers/washi I am planning on using. I also want to try out Heidi Swapp’s color shine spray. I sprayed it on a page once just for fun but I haven’t really played with it yet.



I wanted to have splotches of pink with little unicorn outlines. I placed a unicorn sticker on the page and sprayed the colorshine on a paper towel, blotted around the unicorn, and removed the sticker. As you can see it didn’t work out. It doesn’t really look like a unicorn.


Polka dots!

Now i had a big pink dot on my page with a unicorn-ish figure in the middle. I decided the best thing to do would be to fill the page with dots. I sprayed the color shine on a paper towel and dabbed until it looked like a polka dot. I think some pink clouds could also be done this way, that might be fun.



Choosing the washi tape

I like to lay my washi down to see what it’d look like before I actually put it on the page permanently. The gold star washi wasn’t wide enough to cover the green stripes so I ended up putting rainbow washi there too. I didn’t like how wide the gold glitter washi was so I chose something else to go there.

I had to take a break here because a certain little guy was getting grumpy.

Grumpy little bear


Placing the washi tape

Usually my mom and I just use whatever we can find to cut our washi(credit cards, bread scorers,etc). This time Mom found this really awesome ruler in her closet. It’s made of metal and cuts through the washi like a hot knife cuts through butter.


Yay stickers!

Time to decorate with stickers! I love this sticker book, I’ve used quite a few of the stickers already. I want to buy another one but my Micheals sold out of them.


Coloring in the numbers

I used a Crayola supertip marker(tip: they’re also great for lettering) to color in my numbers. The set I have had a pink that matched perfectly with the color shine! Oh and by the way, that’s colorshine spray on my fingers not unicorn blood.

Aaaaaand here’s the finished spread! I’m pretty happy with it. I almost didn’t experiment with that colorshine spray but I’m glad I did, it really adds some pizzaz. Now I’m ready to start my week 🙂

Have you ever used Heidi Swapp’s colorshine spray? How did you use it?

Do you like to try different things when decorating your planner? Tell me about it and maybe I’ll try it too!

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