April Flip Through

Is it really May already? Time is going fast for me lately.

Here’s a peek of what I was up to last month. Mostly cleaning, and planning to clean but not actually getting to it(I will shampoo the carpets this month!). Oh and of course starting this blog, which has been pretty enjoyable so far. I wish I had started sooner.


April Monthly Divider

I really enjoy coloring my monthly dividers. It’s relaxing and adds a bit more of me to my planner. I do wish they were thicker though, I’d love to be able to use markers on them. I haven’t been able to find a marker that doesn’t bleed through yet.




I participated in an April No Spend so that I can pay some things off and save up for our trip to the Hot Air Balloon festival in Boise. There’s a whole group devoted to the no spend on facebook, it’ really kept me on track. I did have two days where I slipped up. I got my haircut on one day(I’m not sure thats really a necessity. I just wanted a new look) and made the mistake of going to Staples to “just look” at the happy planner items they started carrying. I only spent $5 at Staples though, I really wanted to spend more but I held myself back.

That little postcard says hey, it’s spring!. It’s very shiny so I had a hard time getting a good photo of it. I got it in march’s Lollipop Box. If you don’t know what that is you can check it out here. I’ve scribbled out my son’s name for privacy. This was my youngest son’s(Bear) check up. He’s 15 fifteen months ❤

My little Bear(left) and Lion(right) 


On the back of that postcard I glued a Spring Goals list(also from the Lollipop Box). I have one more thing left to do, shampoo the carpets. There just hasn’t been a good time to do it! I want to get it done in May though. May is still spring, right?


Nothing too exciting went on this week. Just the regular stuff. Printables from beYoutiful planning.


Easter week! Honestly I forgot to do an Easter theme. I had stickers printed for it but used these instead for some reason. Oh well, I love how this spread turned out. The stickers are from a Lollipop Box, as well as the washi on the inside edges(is that what its called?). The edges that attatch to the discs. My mom had the washi i used for the bottom of the pages in her stash. It matches pretty well!


My favorite color is purple, yet I didn’t have a mainly purple spread in my planner! So I did this one. Printables from Fit Life Creative.

This is the week I started my blog! Such an exciting week. I really love this spread too, it might be my favorite from last month. The stickers are from Recollections. They’re for the recollection planner but I think they worked just fine for my happy planner.

April was a good month. I got most of my spring cleaning done, began working on my first dress, and started a blog.

I hope next month is just as productive! I plan on finishing my dress and spring cleaning. I have a dress for my little sister that I’ll be working on, I plan to write some blog posts about it.  I’d also like to draw some headers for this blog.

How was April for you? Did you reach any goals?

What do you have planned for May?

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