My Fabric Wishlist

Hello 🙂

I got to go to Joann’s yesterday! It was magical, like always.

I saw alot of pretty fabric and thought it might be fun to post a little wishlist. This is by no means a complete list. I could bring the whole store home with me! They’re also not in any particular order.


  1. Rugrats! I have pleasant memories of watching the Rugrats in the afternoons with my siblings. I’d love to make a circle skirt out of this.

2. I’ve been wanting to make my oldest son some new bedding and this superhero fabric would be perfect!

3. I saw this princess fabric the last time I went to Joann’s and fell in love. I think I’d make a skirt out of this too. A nice big poofy one!

4. I think these two fabrics from Gertie would be lovely as summer dresses. I pretty much want all of Gertie’s fabric though, they’re all beautiful.

5. I really like the grey with the polka dots. The grey isn’t just grey it’s got a different color mixed in or something, its interesting. I think I’ll make another b6453 dress out of this when I’ve finished the hot air balloon one.

6. I haven’t sewn with velvet yet but i’d like to try soon. I’ll probably make a dress out of this as well. (I don’t know if you can tell, but I kinda love skirts and dresses).

7. I thought this rose fabric was very interesting but I don’t know what I’d make with it. Any suggestions?

The nereast Joann’s is an hour away. Which really is a good thing because I’d be going there everyday to look at all the different types of fabric they have. I’d also have to get a job there to afford all the fabric I’d be buying!

What fabrics are you currently drooling over?

***I’m not getting paid for these links!***

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