My First Post + Meet My Planners

Well hello there, and welcome to my first ever blog post. ((yay!))  Starting a blog has always been one of my aspirations and I’m excited to finally be doing it. I can’t wait to connect with people who love the same things that I do.

Like washi tape. And fabric. And yarn.

Raise your hand if you think you can never have enough of any of the above.

So I thought I’d use my first post to introduce you to my planners. They’re kind of a big deal to me. My Mom is the one who introduced me to the planner world and I am forever in her debt!


Aren’t they cute?

I have the Color Your World Happy Planner from MAMBI and a zippered planner from Recollections. I use the HP at home to organize my daily life/projects, and the Recollections for on the go. I’m thinking I might get a mini Happy Planner to keep track of this blog. No, no, I’m totally not using this as an excuse to get another planner 😀

I have the Deluxe cover on my HP to keep it safe. Plus it makes it like 10x cuter.

I love my planners! They keep me organized and help me achieve my goals. I get so much more done nowadays. And I can sleep better knowing that all my to do’s are written down and won’t be forgotten. I could sleep EVEN better if my one year old decided to give up the nightly snacks…..
I also just love the planner community. The facebook planner group I’m apart of has some of the sweetest and funniest ladies I’ve ever encountered. #velociraptor (If you don’t know what velociraptor’s have to do with planning you are missing out! Get yourself a planner and come join us.)

Here is my spread for this week:
What do you think? I’m really loving that color combo right now.

Some ladies name their planners but I haven’t done that. I think I will, just to make it easier for you guys to tell which planner I’m talking about. But what should I name them? I was thinking something magical/mystical for my Happy Planner since it’s got a unicorn theme cover. Maybe something french for the recollections one? Comment below with your suggestions!





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